RF Series

IDEC force-guided relays are key electromechanical switching components, providing a failsafe within safety circuits and detecting failures such as contact welding or damage to the contact spring failure. Often used in combination with elevator controls, interlock switches, light curtains and emergency stop switches, these relays are crucial in safety control applications. Our popular RF1V force-guided relays are ideal for applications requiring additional contacts for an HR1S Safety Relay or an FS1A Safety Controller. IZUMI RF1V series is a cost-effective and easy method to expand mechanical contact outputs. In combination with the SF1V series of mounting sockets, these relays be mounted on a panel, DIN rail or PC board. Available as a plug-in (RF2S) or pc board (RF2V), RF2 force-guided relays are ideal if you only need two contacts or if you want to add multiple relays in a series. In combination with the SJ series of finger-safe sockets, these compact relays provide reliable safety for man and machine in the event of a malfunction, while cutting down on cost and installation space.