Datasensor S7 series is the first fiber optic amplifier to be manufactured in Europe that is equipped with a full 4 digit display, confirming Datasensor's technological leadership. With its slim 10mm body width, the S7 represents the ideal solution for all applications requiring high accuracy sensing combined with very compact dimensions. The high resolution 12 bit amplifier has a response time of 50 µs for a switching frequency of 10 Khz; 4096 resolution steps make the S7 series perfect for ultra high precision detection of small objects and low colour contrasts. This is made easier by the integral 4 digit display, which clearly indicates the received signal, selected time delay and the adjustable set point values. Moreover, the white light LED emission possibility enhances the contrast detection. Installing and setting Datalogic S7 is easy and rapid, thanks to the patent-covered CLEAR LOCK fiber fixing and EASY touch adjustment system that offers remote setting, keylock and activation of the output OFF delay function.