Datasensor SRX3 is the new ultrasonic fork sensor for a wide range of applications that demand reliable label detection for challenging applications. With state-of-the-art, ultrasonic technology, the new SRX3 is able to read any type of label dispensed on any type of roll support. The forked ultrasonic sensor performs label detection based on the difference of material width inside the sensible area. The sensor can reliably detect paper, plastic, transparent and metallic labels on paper, plastic and metallic bearer tapes. Datalogic SRX3 can detect a gap of 2mm for label widths of 2mm at a speed of 60m/min. The ultrasonic technology enables allows for the detection of transparent labels on transparent roll supports, difficult achieve with optical operated sensors. Additionally, the SRX3 detects labels printed with metallic ink, which capacitive operated sensors are not able to detect. These features make the SRX3 the best solution for any label detection applications that demands a wide range of label formats and types. The SRX3 is an ideal alternative to capacitive and optical sensors.