The Kuebler Group is the leading specialists worldwide in the feilds of position and motion sensors, functional safety, counting, process and transmission technology. Innovative product and sector solutions, as well as solutions for functional safety and a high level of service, are the reasons behind our global success.
Kubler Counting Technology Distributors
Counting Technology

Kubler electromechanical counters in many versions, as well as miniature counters for PCB-mounting (our special area of competence), are ideal time and pulse counters for pumps, lifts, dryers, UV lamps, KWh meters and much more. The Codix series offers functional, low-cost electronic display counters, position displays, timers and tachometers. Our electronic multifunction preset counters enable decentralised control and so reduce cycle times.

Kubler S3674 / S3684 Motor Feedback Systems Distributors
Motor Feedback Systems

Kubler Sendix S36 encoder with optical singleturn and magnetic multiturn gear stands out with its combination of robustness and variants diversity with compact dimensions. With a size of 36.5 x 37 mm, it features a tapered shaft or an 8 mm hollow shaft. Its highly accurate optical electronics achieve a resolution of 19 bits. The incremental SinCos interface is available with 1024 or 2048 ppr.

Kubler Process Technology Distributors
Process Technology

The user-friendly, compact and functionally well thought through Kubler Codix process displays and controllers are ideal for all linear and non-linear analog signals. Together with our temperature displays and controllers, as well as our strain-gauge controllers and setpoint adjuster, they are used in a wide variety of applications.

Kubler Safety Technology Distributors
Safety Technology

Kubler‘s extensive product portfolio of rotary and linear position and motion sensors, with the matching safe encoder evaluation devices, provides the basis for safe application-specific drive solutions. However, safe single components alone do not ensure a safe global application. Legally compliant safety already begins when planning the machine, and this is why the Kubler Service technicians and engineers offer a wide range of supports both for the plant manufacturer and for the operator.

Kubler Sensor Technology Distributors
Sensor Technology

Kubler portfolio stretches from miniature incremental encoders, via singleturn and multiturn encoders up to a wide range of ATEX and Heavy Duty products. Kuebler offer is completed by a selection of linear magnetic and draw wire systems. Naturally all popular interfaces including fieldbus interfaces are available. Kuebler's patented Integrative Technology as well as its Intelligent Sensing Technology are setting new standards for reliability and compact design. Already back in 1997 Kubler introduced the first absolute multiturn encoder with hollow shaft and an installation depth of only 42 mm - a world first. Constant innovations such as the Safety-Lock™ Design or the first optical electronic multiturn stage were to follow this tradition and made new applications and customer solutions possible.

Kubler Slip Rings Distributors
Slip Rings

For the rotary transmission of load, signals and data, pneumatics and hydraulics. In general Kubler slip rings are used to transmit load, signals or data, pneumatic and hydraulic, from a stationary to a rotating platform. The transmission between the stator and rotor takes place via sliding contacts and is extremely reliable. The construction is modular and offers the greatest flexibility in a variety of applications.

Kubler Transmission Technology Distributors
Transmission Technology

Quality down to the last detail. Kubler activities are orientated with the focus always on the customer - from the creation of the product right through to final delivery. This high quality extends to every detail, from the connectors to the optical fiber modules.