Setpoint Adjuster

Kubler setpoint adjuster is a digital output device for 0 - 12 V or 0 - 24 mA standrad signals suitable for plant commissioning or the simulation of sensors. The current or voltage can be output in 3 modes, either directly, stepped or in a stored time curve (characteristic curve) and is thus ideal also for automatic sequences or approach operations in processes. Furthermore the display is freely scalable, so that this can be shown in the desired engineering units. Thanks to its small design size and its flexibility, this device will prove indispensable in every workshop. The setpoint adjuster Codix 533 triggers a standard analogue signal or a freely programmable signal sequence from 0 - 12 V or from 0 - 24 mA. The setpoint adjuster is a real innovation, opening up new application potentials in process technology and automation.