Temperature Controllers

Kubler temperature controllers additionally boast 2 limit value alarms, which operate when the measured value exceeds or drops below the limit setpoint, or alternatively within a fixed band. Thanks to features such as start delay, hysteresis function and averaging, they can be employed in the most diverse applications. They can also be used as simple ON/OFF controllers. The optional analog output or serial interface enable the retransmission of the measured values to higher-level systems or monitoring devices. The temperature controller Codix 564 displays temperature values in high resolution. In addition it can monitor and control 2 limit values. All current temperature sensors, such as thermocouple types B, E, J, K, N, R, S and T, as well as mV inputs, Pt100 and resistance inputs, can be connected to the device. These fast displays set new standards when it comes to user friendliness. Their easy-to-read 14-segment LED display, easy-to-understand running help texts and a practical quick-start guide eliminate the need to wade through time-consuming full instruction manuals. With optional analogue output.