8400 BaseLine

The BaseLine version is the entry-level model in terms of functionality and drive behaviour. Bring controlled movement to basic applications. Lenze frequency inverter for controlled motion with communication. Particularly suitable for: conveyor drives, pumps and fans. Two versions of the 8400 BaseLine are available: BaseLine C with CANopen & BaseLine D without communication. The option of 'bookcase' mounting permits a space-saving installation in the control cabinet. Installation costs are reduced using integrated filters (optional). The modular structure allows you to optimise the inverters to your application, making cost-effective drive solutions possible while maintaining high performance levels. Regardless of whether you opt for "stand alone" inverters with potentiometer-based setpoint selection or inverters networked in a bus system - the functionality of the inverter can be adapted to your application. The 8400 vector receives digital and analogue inputs and outputs through an I/O function module. These are used to control the inverter and/or incorporate it in automation and control concepts. Communication with a host system can also be established and matched to the application using a plug-in communica-tion module. This ensures great flexibility for various drive and automation tasks (bus and I/O mixed operation).