8400 Motec

Lenze 8400 motec decentralized frequency inverters mounted directly on the motor or to the wall. Particularly suitable for: Traveling and conveyor drives in the field of intralogistics, fans and pump drives. It can be mounted either on the geared motor or on the wall and is available in a power range of 0.37 to 7.5 kW. Their compact design allows the devices to be secured directly to the machine support, for example, thus shortening the length of the motor cables considerably. Lenze frequency inverters are used in a large number of sectors and applications for electronically adjusting the speed of three-phase asynchronous motors. For example it can be fitted near the motor on the machine frame to offer optimum access in any mounting position. The power supply is disconnected from the drive electronics using plug-in contacts. In the event of service all you need do is loosen four screws to replace the heatsink and all electronics. Integrable function modules allow the 8400 motec to be incorporated in the control and automation set-up of your machine or plant with a precise fit. Other than the mains supply, no extra control voltage is needed to operate the 8200 motec, allowing what have previously been uncontrolled systems to be retrofitted at little cost for the purpose of process optimisation.