Drive technology is subject to a multitude of different requirements, which must be catered to on an individual case-by-case basis. Lenze's comprehensive range of dynamic, compact, scalable and overload-resistant motors allows you to find the perfect Lenze motor for your requirements. Motors from Lenze have repeatedly proven their worth day in and day out. One thing is certain: you need to be able to rely on your Lenze motors. Lenze AC motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and, therefore, are the central drive component in your machine. Since they play such an important part, Lenze offers you motors with optimum drive behavior and application-oriented options. A fast and reliable solution. For the reliable and precise operation of electric motors, the use of temperature sensors installed in the winding is indispensable. The sensor monitors the motor in order to prevent it from overheating and ensures optimum closed-loop control of the drive. The KTY temperature sensor used by Lenze up to now has been discontinued by the manufacturer. In a manufacturer-spanning work group  of ZVEI, Lenze has therefore qualified the PT1000 temperature sensor as a suitable successor. Lenze is now successively changing over to this successor, which can meet the requirements of the future.