IE1 MD/IE2 MH Basic

Lenze IE1 MD/IE2 MH is a three-phase AC motor for constant motion. Torque range: 3.812 to 2567 lb-in (0.43 to 290 Nm) Power range: 0.100 to 60 Hp (0.06 to 45 kW). Suitable for mains and applications that do not require typical built-on accessories, such as blowers or brakes. Lenze IE1 MD/IE2 MH 3-phase AC motor comes in up to 7.4 Hp (5.5 kW) as 2, 4 or 6-pole motors in the designs B3, B14 and B5 & 10.0 Hp (7.5 kW) and higher as 4-pole motors in B3 and B5.