Protection Relay/Control

SymCom/SSAC/Littelfuse protection relay and control product portfolio includes a comprehensive line of motor and pump protection relays, arc-flash relays, ground fault relays, feeder protection, pump controllers, time delay relays, flashers and tower lighting, and more to minimize electrical safety hazards, limit equipment damage, improve productivity, and safeguard personnel from injury due to electrical faults.

Littelfuse/SymCom/SSAC Alternating Relays Distributors

Multiple-pump applications often require balanced runtimes and redundancy. Littelfuse SymCom provides pump controllers (both intrinsically safe and non-IS) that are designed to handle multiple pump applications. SymCom SSAC also provides alternating relays which are designed to balance the run time between two independent loads, typical in many pumping and compressor applications. By balancing the runtimes, redundant equipment is equally exercised to provide greater system reliability.

Littelfuse Arc Flash Detection Relays Distributors
Arc Flash Detection

Littelfuse arc flash detection relay rapidly detects developing Arc-Flash incidents and sends a trip signal to interrupt power before significant damage occurs.

Littelfuse/SymCom Communication Modules Distributors
Communication Modules

Accessibility and safety are key concerns when working with motors, pumps, and control panels. Littelfuse/SymCom communications modules, software, and remote monitors provide accessibility and safety for enhanced overload relays and power monitors through many common industrial protocols.

Littelfuse/SymCom/SSAC Current Monitoring Relays & Transducers Distributors
Current Monitoring

SymCom current monitors have many advantages over voltage monitors because they provide protection against both supply line and load side faults when the motor is running. They protect against single-phasing and current unbalance problems that can be caused by voltage supply problems, bad contactors, loose wiring, bad wires or damaged motors. SSAC current monitors also provide very reliable overload and underload protection. Littelfuse current monitors are used to detect heater element failure, loss of load, peak power loads, runway and radio tower light failure, feed rate, dull bits and blades, conveyor load jams, current demand level and to keep tooling loads at their most efficient point. Heater element failure, loss of load, peak power loads, and load jams are just a few examples of faults motors may be subjected to. SymCom single and three-phase current monitors provide protection against these load side faults and others when the motor is running. SymCom three-phase monitors protect against single-phasing and current unbalance problems that can be caused by voltage supply problems, bad contactors, or loose wiring. They also provide very reliable overload and underload protection.

Littelfuse Feeder Protection Relays Distributors
Feeder Protection

Littelfuse/Startco feeder protection relays protect feeder circuits from overcurrents, earth faults, phase loss and other detrimental conditions in critical applications and processes. They provide essential data for predictive and preventive maintenance, extending the life of equipment, enhancing safety and maximizing efficiency.

Littelfuse/SSAC Flashers & Tower Lighting Controls Distributors
Flasher/Tower Lighting

Littelfuse/SSAC flashers for incandescent or LED lighting used with both alternating and non-alternating applications in the signaling, communications, and advertising industries. FAA approved versions for obstruction lighting control are available. Tower lighting illuminates communications towers, tall buildings, and bridges as required by FA regulation. Designs are also available for powered AM and FM towers.

Littelfuse Ground Conductor Monitoring Relays Distributors
Ground Conductor Monitoring

Littelfuse/Startco ground conductor monitoring relays continuously monitor the integrity of the ground conductor to protect portable equipment from hazardous voltages caused by ground faults.

Littelfuse Ground Fault Protection Relays Distributors
Ground Fault Protection

Littelfuse/Powr-Gard/Startco ground fault protection relays create safer working environments and reduce incidents of Arc Flash without affecting the uptime of critical operations. Vital in manufacturing and processing environments, sensitive ground-fault relays with advanced filtering will detect breakdown in insulation resistance without nuisance trips. Breakdown in insulation resistance can be caused by moisture, vibration, chemicals and dust.

Littelfuse/SymCom Intrinsically Safe Relays Distributors
Intrinsically Safe

SymCom Intrinsically-Safe Switch is an isolated UL913 listed device used to interface between hazardous and nonhazardous areas. The input circuitry is designed to never supply excessive energy thus greatly reducing the likelihood of a spark. Provides intrinsically-safe circuits in the following locations: Division 1 and 2, Class I, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II, Groups E, F, G and Class III hazardous locations. Applying electronic controls in hazardous environments can be difficult. Fortunately, Littelfuse intrinsically safe relays and controllers are specifically designed to interface controls between hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Intrinsically safe relays limit the energy that is provided to the hazardous area, thus reducing the potential of a spark. SymCom provides several models of intrinsically safe relays and controllers offering distinct output relay configurations for a variety of systems. One of the most common wastewater lift station configurations is a duplex, pump-down lead-lag system, basically meaning there are two pumps working to remove liquid from a concrete well or pit. In this example, 5 floats are connected to SymCom 155-1 OS and used as fol lows: Lead Float - When closes, indicates that one pump should turn on and begin pumping. If alternation is enabled on SymCom ISS-1 OS, the pump that started second in the last pumping cycle will turn on first. Lag Float - When closes, indicates to Littelfuse ISS-1 OS that a single pump is not enough to pump the liquid level down and the second pump should turn on for additional pumping capacity. High Alarm Float - If the liquid level moves above the high alarm float, SymCom 155-1 OS activates the high alarm and the audible alarm (if applicable) to indicate liquid is coming in faster than the pumps can pump it out. Stop Float -When the liquid level drops below this float switch, Littelfuse 155-105 knows the liquid is at an acceptable level and turns off both pumps. Low Alarm Float - If the liquid ever drops below this float switch, SymCom 155-1 OS activates the low alarm and the audible alarm {if applicable) to indicate the pumps(s) have not shut off and the liquid level is lower than expected. This may be due to the Stop Float being stuck and could lead to pump cavitation.

Littelfuse/SSAC Liquid Level Controls Distributors
Liquid Level Controls

SSAC liquid level control relays are used to control conductive liquid pumping operations using either floats or conductance probes. SymCom liquid level controls can be used in pump-up or pump-down applications. In either application, a probe is mounted at the desired tank level while a reference probe or common is mounted in the same manner for nonconductive tanks, or attached to a conductive tank. When ABB liquid level control senses a change in the resistance between the probe and reference probe/common it will change state and either fill or drain the tank depending on the specified application. Littelfuse liquid level relays provide differential level control for pumping applications using either floats or conductance probes. SSAC liquid level controls are designed for both pump-up and pump-down systems. SSAC designs and manufactures electronic controls for original equipment manufacturers, for process control and automation designers; obstruction lighting control designers; and for a large group of industrial customers and service contractors.

Littelfuse/SymCom Load Sensors Distributors
Load Sensors

SymCom load sensors measure current levels to determine feed rates, tool wear, loss of prime on pumps and many other types of overload and underload conditions. Littelfuse load sensors are useful as proof relays to verify that current is flowing, and are available with adjustable setpoints and trip or restart delays. SymCom’s load sensors are designed to be adaptable to many different applications. They utilize a CT (current
transformer) inside the unit to read the current of the equipment being monitored. SymCom Model LSR-0 is a selfpowered unit used as a proof relay. SymCom LSRX and LSRX-C units are also self-powered proof relays with either 0.25” fast-on connectors (LSRX) or depluggable connectors (LSRX-C) for use in OEM equipment. SymCom LSR-24, 115 and 230 load sensors require external power and are ideally used to help determine feed rates, tool wear, loss of prime on pumps, mixer viscosity and all types of overload and underload conditions. Littelfuse LSRU load sensors come in many different configurations, such as overcurrent and undercurrent or either overcurrent or undercurrent with variable trip, restart or extended restart delay settings. All LSRU models require 115VAC external power source, except for the LSRU-24-AL-2 and LSRU-24-AL-3, which require 24VAC.

Symcom Pump Saver
Symcom Pump Saver

Many pumping applications require advanced power monitoring and control. SymCom enhanced power monitors provide all of the protection and features included with an enhanced overload relay, and are designed specifically to support low horsepower and/or low speed motor applications. This family of Littelfuse enhanced power monitors provides optimal protection for any type of motor or pump. SymCom motor & pump protection relays prevent damage to motors caused by overloads, jams, phase loss or unbalance, heat from non-electric sources, heavy start-ups and excessive operational cycles. Dynamic thermal curves, as well as integrated protection, metering, and data-logging functions extend motor life and maximize process efficiency. Monitoring, control, and protection are critical and necessary functions in motor and pumping applications. SymCom’s single-phase and three-phase UL listed enhanced overload relays monitor for both line-side voltage problems and load-side current faults, providing an added layer of protection over voltage monitors and other basic overload relays. All SymCom PumpSaver Plusoverload relays are user configurable and cover a wide range of voltages and currents, making them the most versatile in the industry. A standard feature of the entire family of SymCom MotorSaver Plus overload relays is a communications port which provides easy connectivity to a SCADA system, PLC, or virtually any network through the use of a communications module. The communications port allows remote monitoring of motor operations and fault conditions through easy connectivity to SymCom’s Remote Monitors, aiding compliance with arc flash safety regulations.

Littelfuse/SymCom Pump Controls Distributors
Pump Controls

SymCom line of single-phase PumpSavers provide ideal protection from dry-well and dead-head situations, as well as overload, over and undervoltages and rapid cycling. SymCom 77C-KW/HP family of power monitors provide this same protection and much more with programmable parameters, diagnostic display of fault codes to aid in troubleshooting and remote communication capability. Littelfuse pump controllers are innovative products for controlling a single pump or multiple pumps. Some models can be used to detect pump seal leaks and motor overheating on submersible pumps. Other models can be used as a five-channel pump controller or five-channel switch to support all popular industry standard multi-pump configurations. In submersible pump applications, early indication of seal failure is critical to allow maintenance of the pump before additional damage occurs. SymCom seal leak and leak/temp relays provide protection against seal leaks and over temperature by monitoring sensors within the pumps and providing early warning or disabling the pumps.

Littelfuse/SymCom Remote Monitors Distributors
Remote Indication/Monitoring

Accessibility and safety are key concerns when working with motors, pumps, and control panels. SymCom communications modules, software, and remote monitors provide accessibility and safety for enhanced overload relays and power monitors through many common industrial protocols. In addition to providing communications, many of these modules also provide additional inputs and outputs for added cont rol. Not only do Littelfuse remote monitors eliminate the need to open a control panel door, thus reducing the risk of arc flash and exposure to high voltages for maintenance personnel, they include additional rea l-time, fau lt, and event monitoring capabilities. SymCom remote monitors improve safety for service and operations personnel by allowing control and monitoring of the relay without opening the electrical cabinet.

Littelfuse Resistance Grounding Monitoring Relays Distributors
Resistance Grounding Monitoring

Littelfuse/Startco resistance grounding monitoring relays continuously monitor the integrity of the ground conductor to protect portable equipment from hazardous voltages caused by ground faults.

Littelfuse/SSAC Switching Relays & Controls Distributors
Switching Relay/Control

Littelfuse/SSAC switching relays & controls are simple controls performing a specific function such as changing lamp intensity; vary the speed of a motor; or manage temperature of a heater.

Littelfuse/SSAC Time Delay Relays Distributors
Time Delay

The largest selection of Littelfuse/SSAC time delay relays known since 1968 for its reliable designs that provide long service lives with low maintenance costs. Versatile multifunction time delay relays give you the option of choosing among functions and time delay ranges to ensure that you receive the perfect timer to fit your needs. Electromechanical relay-output time delay relays are available with a number of different functions and assure isolation between input and output, as well as no voltage drop across output contact. Solid-state time delay relays have no moving parts to arc and wear out over time, giving them a lifespan of up to 100x that of a relay-output timer. In addition, all solid state time delay relays are fully encapsulated to protect against shock, vibration, humidity, etc.

Littelfuse/SymCom/SSAC Voltage Monitors Distributors
Voltage Monitoring
All SymCom voltage monitors are microcontroller based and are factory calibrated for highly accurate and precise voltage measurements to provide high sensitivity while minimizing nuisance tripping. The high accuracy and precision of SSAC devices allows them to detect a single-phase condition or voltage unbalance even with regenerated voltages present. Uncalibrated devices require low sensitivity to voltage faults to prevent nuisance trips, thus may not trip in the presence of regenerated voltages. SymCom MotorSaver voltage monitors are built with transformer power supplies which makes them highly resistant to damage caused by small voltage transients on the power system. Other types of power supplies such as switching, resistor limited, and capacitor limited, are typically more easily damaged by transients.
Protection Relay/Control Accessories
Littelfuse Relays are accompanied by a great selection of accessory components. We offer a range of accessories, such as sockets and communication modules. Familiarize yourself with our offerings or let us advise you.