The Littelfuse SymCom ISS-102 is a two-channel, intrinsically-safe switch designed for multiple uses including a pump-up/pump-down (latching) controller or two-channel switch. Two LEDs indicate the state of the intrinsically-safe inputs and output relays and user-selectable options are available including a variable resistance threshold for float inputs. The ISS-102 enclosure is surface or DIN rail mountable. -LC Each input channel is active when the corresponding switch is closed. When the lag input (CH2) is activated, the output closes. Applying latching logic, the output contact remains closed until the lead (CH1) and the lag (CH2) inputs are deactivated. Sensitivity is fixed at 100kOhms with a debounce time delay of 2 seconds. -DCS This dual-channel switch has a debounce delay feature of 0.5 seconds. Resistance probes or switches can be used on its inputs. Two LEDs illuminate the output state of either form A relay. Sensitivity is fixed at 100kOhms with a debounce time delay of 0.5 seconds. -MC By selecting the proper functionality through the dip switches, you can define a pump-up or pump-down, single or dual channel non-latching switch. The sensitivity adjustment (4.7k-100kOhms) allows you to define the input impedance at which the output relays (one form A & one form C) will change state, with a debounce time delay of 0.5 or 2 seconds.

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