The Littelfuse/SymCom 777-AccuPower is a fully-programmable 3-phase motor and pump protection relay. It allows motor hp rating, full load amps, efficiency and power factor to be entered and will accurately calculate motor output power. This is most useful with mag-drive pumps or process applications where the process power is desired over the utility power. Voltage, current and power measurements can be displayed as well as fault information and setpoints. The built-in display simplifies troubleshooting and allows the user to easily and precisely configure setpoints. The 777-AccuPower can be used with the optional COM 4-20 output module to give an analog signal proportional to output shaft power, the RS485MS-2W (for limited Modbus capabilities, and for use with the RM1000/RM2000) remote displays listed in the 777 accessories section.

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