Pump Controls

SymCom line of single-phase PumpSavers provide ideal protection from dry-well and dead-head situations, as well as overload, over and undervoltages and rapid cycling. SymCom 77C-KW/HP family of power monitors provide this same protection and much more with programmable parameters, diagnostic display of fault codes to aid in troubleshooting and remote communication capability. Littelfuse pump controllers are innovative products for controlling a single pump or multiple pumps. Some models can be used to detect pump seal leaks and motor overheating on submersible pumps. Other models can be used as a five-channel pump controller or five-channel switch to support all popular industry standard multi-pump configurations. In submersible pump applications, early indication of seal failure is critical to allow maintenance of the pump before additional damage occurs. SymCom seal leak and leak/temp relays provide protection against seal leaks and over temperature by monitoring sensors within the pumps and providing early warning or disabling the pumps.