SymCom ACBC-120 is a dual purpose alarm controller/battery charging unit. When there is a loss of 120VAC power, Littelfuse ACBC-120’s primary function as an alarm controller activates. When this power loss occurs, input power is switched to a 12VDC, lead-acid, rechargeable backup battery and a 12VDC alarm consisting of a strobe light and/or a horn is activated. The horn follows a 2 second on/2 second off pattern with a "horn silence" option to turn the sound off. An LED indicator on the unit also signals that the device has entered the alarm mode. When 120VAC input is present the alarm circuit can be tested and the unit’s secondary function as a 12VDC backup battery charger is activated. In fast charge mode, the unit has the capability to source up to 100mA of charging current. However, the device normally charges at a current of 14mA in maintenance mode. The alarm circuit can be tested by pressing the "test" button located on the front of the unit or by activating an external switch via the "alarm contact" pin. Custom Connector Corp. device has the ability to signal low battery voltage if the voltage drops below 10.5VDC. The device can also detect if no battery is present or if the battery is connected backwards. In either of these cases, SymCom ACBC-120 will signal a battery error and will not attempt to charge.