The Littelfuse SymCom T-10-(xxx) on-delay timer is a solid-state electronic device that provides accurate and reliable timing for control circuits up to 460VAC. The T-10 features a user-selectable time delay from 6 seconds to 10 minutes (0.5 to 12 seconds on the T10S-400 model) and SPDT output contacts. When power is applied to the T-10, it immediately begins its timing cycle. During this time, the indicator LED alternates between red and green and the output contacts remain inactive. When the timing cycle is complete, the indicator LED turns solid green and the output contacts are activated. The output contacts will remain activated until power is removed from the T-10. The SPDT contact ratings are 480V @ 240VAC on the 115V and 230V models and 470VA @ 600VAC on the 460V model.