The Littelfuse SSAC TSDR Series is an ON/OFF or OFF/ON recycling timing module designed to control metering pumps, chemical valves, flash lamps, or use in energy saving or duty cycling applications. It may be ordered with both time delays factory fixed, or one delay fixed and the other delay external or onboard adjustable. The TSDR Series is designed for more demanding commercial and industrial applications where small size and accurate performance are required. The factory calibration for fixed time delays is < ±5%. The repeat accuracy, under stable conditions, is 0.5% of the time delay. The TSDR Series is rated to operate over an extended temperature range. Time delays of 0.1 seconds to 1000 minutes are available. The output is rated 1A steady and 10A inrush. The modules are totally solid state and encapsulated to protect the electronic circuitry.