The Littelfuse/SymCom MotorSaver 350 is a heavy-duty voltage monitor. This product should be used when high current relays or dual contacts are required, or 480V controls are used. Since the 350 uses heavy-duty relays, it comes in fixed voltage range models rather than a dual autoranging version like the Model 250. The 350-200 has a 15A general purpose contact. The 350-400 provides a SPDT (Form C) relay rated to switch up to 600V, allowing the use of 480V controls, eliminating the need for a control power transformer to step the voltage down to 120-240V. Several DPDT (two Form C contacts) relay models are also available. The 350 microcontroller-based family of products are low cost yet highly advanced solutions to heavy-duty problems. The 350 includes advanced single LED diagnostics. Five different light patterns distinguish faults and normal operating conditions. Other options such as high voltage trip and adjustable restart delay are available.

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