The Littelfuse/SymCom Model 455 MotorSaver is a 3-phase, dual-range voltage monitor that automatically selects between 200V and 400V range to protect 190V-480VAC, 50/60Hz motors. The user-selectable nominal voltage setpoint and can be adjustment 2-30 second trip delay. a 2-300 second restart delay or manual restart, and a voltage unbalance trip point between 2-8%. The monitor's electronics are powered through the line side without the need for a separate power source making it easier to install. The 455 offers complete protection even before the motor starts by monitoring both the load and line side to detect impending power problems. Unlike other voltage monitors where voltage problems are detected only after the motor is started, the 455 will not allow the motor to start if a power problem is present. Equipped with an infrared LED, the 455 can communicate to the optional hand-held diagnostic tool, Informer-MS to obtain valuable information such as real-time voltage, voltage unbalance on both line and load sides, motor run hours, last 20 faults, last 32 motor starts, high and low voltage trip points, voltage unbalance trip point, restart and trip delay settings, LED status and more.