The Littelfuse/SymCom 601-CS-D-P1 MotorSaver 3-phase power monitor is a fully programmable electronic power monitor designed to monitor 3-phase systems. The 601-CS-D-P1 has a single relay that can be configured as a general purpose network output or to trip on ground faults. The 601-CS-D-P1 monitors ground fault current, phase currents, phase voltages, power factor and frequency. The RS485MS-2W communications module allows the 601-CS-D-P1 to communicate using the Modbus RTU protocol. The Modbus connection can be used to monitor power parameters, setup the device or control the fault relay. A DeviceNet™ communications I/O module (CIO-601CS-DN-P1) is available as well. This CIO module only works with the 601-CS-D-P1 unit. It is used for sending the information from the 601-CS-D-P1 over a DeviceNet™ network. It also provides I/O capabilities and the ability to set the parameters of the 601-CS-D-P1.