Marathon Special Products terminal blocks facilitate the connection of panel-mounted electronic components to device power and field wiring. A variety of modular terminal blocks, power distribution blocks, multi-port junction blocks and pre-wired connection cables and modules are available to make quick, clean, safe and efficient installations.

Marathon Special Products Heavy Duty Terminal Blocks Distributors
Heavy Duty

Marathon Special Products offers a wide variety of heavy duty terminal blocks.

Marathon Special Products Military Terminal Blocks Distributors

Marathon Special Products military terminal Blocks are available in materials type GPT-30F per MIL-M-24519 and GDI30F per MIL-M-14, color gray, and are Manufactured to the Military's newest specification A-A-59125 or still can be manufactured to Military Specifications MIL-T-55164 Military approvals (A-A-59125, or MIL-T-55164) are held by all Kulka military terminal blocks.

Marathon Special Products Sectional Terminal Blocks Distributors

Marathon Special Products sectionals are terminal blocks which are made up of individually molded units with electrically conductive members.

Marathon Special Products Specialty Terminal Blocks Distributors

Marathon Special Products specialty feed-through terminal blocks have test plugs and adapters that identify the presence of voltage and perform simple diagnostic measuring of voltage. Feed-through terminal blocks are available with a test plug that breaks the circuit, forcing the current to run through a meter connected to the circuit-break test plug. Make-before-break or break-before-make test plugs can be used with the testing terminal block.

Marathon Special Products Barrier Terminal Blocks Distributors

Marathon Special Products barrier terminal blocks are compliant with UL1059 standards, is designed with a simple and rigid structure that is suitable for higher current and voltage applications. A wide range of pitch sizes are available, as well as terminal pins and screw designs for different applications.