Motortronics is a worldwide-leader specializing in the manufacturing of solid state AC motor controls and motor protection products. Motortronics manufactures one of the broadest ranges of product available on the market today.
Motortronics AC Drives Distributors
AC Drives

Motortronics AC drives offer precise speed and torque control of AC induction motors for any level of application ranging from simple fan or pump control to precise winder control.

Motortronics Current & Voltage Transformers Distributors
Current/Voltage Transformer

Two main types of Motortronics transformers i.e current transformer and voltage transformers have many differences but the major one is that voltage transformer is used to regulate the voltage at the secondary side of the transformer whereas in current transformer current is regulated on the secondary side, keeping in mind the product of voltage and current which is power remains the same, if current is regulated either it is raised or lowered voltage will reciprocally change its value to keep the value of power, because power is the product of current and voltage.

Motortronics ABC Series Electronic Motor Brakes Distributors
Electronic Motor Brake

Electronic braking stops the load by injecting a controlled amount of DC current into a three phase AC motor. Motortronics ABC Series "automatic braking controller" features full-wave DC braking which can be adjusted to stop your load quickly, repeatably and reliably, even if load conditions change. The ABC Series meets the three main objectives that are important in every industry: Maximized Safety, Increased Productivity and Maintenance-Free Operation. The ABC Series is designed to eliminate dangerous coast-to-stop times of rotating machines and equipment. The ABC Series also eliminates the dangerous practice of jamming the machine to bring it to a stop, which can present potential danger to operators and passers-by alike. OSHA and other safety agencies pay close attention to these types of operating conditions and recognize brakes as an important part of a system to guard against potential dangers.

Motortronics MWH Series Heater Controllers Distributors
Heater Controller

Whether retrofitting an existing starter or installing a new one, Motortronics MWH Series is easy to apply. Just wire it in parallel to the magnetic starter’s line and load connection, connect the necessary auxiliary contacts and installation is complete. Output voltage is factory set to maintaina +5° to 10°C differential above ambient temperature. This adjustment can be used to trim the control as required for each application. In addition to built-in fuse protection, the MWH Series features an RC snubber circuit across the SCR which protects it from any rapid rate of change in the system voltage. A metal oxide varistor (MOV) protects the unit against voltage spikes for reliable, maintenance-free operation. Designed for fully automatic operation, the MWH Series turns on when the motor starter has turned off. A built-in one minute timer ensures that the motor magnetic field has collapsed before it injects DC power into the windings. When the motor is restarted, the MWH Series instantly turns off. No operator interface is required, the MWH Series is in control. The MWH Series had an optional shutdown input that can be connected to the N.O. auxiliary contact on the motor starter’s thermal overload relay. This will disable the motor winding heater control, preventing any additional heating in the motor and allowing for a faster motor cool down period. The MWH Series then goes back on-line after the overload relay is reset.

Motortronics Low Voltage Soft Starters Distributors
Low Voltage Starters

Motortronics low voltage soft starters offer controlled starting of AC induction or synchronous motors reducing mechanical stress on the motor and shaft.

Motortronics Medium Voltage Contactors Distributors
Medium Voltage Contactors

Motortronics non-latching (C) contactor uses constant-on electromagnetic coils to close, and hold closed the vacuum bottle contacts. When the power to the electromagnetic coil is removed, the vacuum chamber contacts spring open (termed as; electrically held contacts or non-latching contacts). Motortronics latching (CJ) contactor uses separate coils and mechanisms to both close and open the vacuum bottle contacts (termed as; mechanically held or latching, contacts).

Motortronics Motor Protection Relays Distributors
Motor Protection

Motortronics offers a full line of IEC and NEMA rated overload relays to provide motor overcurrent protection. Overload relays include fixed bimetallic, interchangeable heater bimetallic, and electronic. Flexible mounting ensures that they can be installed on a contactor, panel, or separate enclosure.

Motortronics MVC4 Series Medium Voltage Soft Starters Distributors
MVC4 Series

Motortronics MVC4 Medium Voltage Series Soft Starter is designed to start AC motors in any fixed speed application. It provides maximum protection with "True Thermal Modeling," while allowing smooth, stepless control of acceleration and deceleration. The MVC4 Series guarantees power control and protection for your most important assets. Motor and starter protection is taken to a new level by combining a high-end motor protection relay with a heavy duty solid state starter. Flexible control features and selectable ramping profiles to match any application... no need to compromise performance. High level circuit isolation via fiber optics (standard on all units) for safety and power quality immunity. Sealed NEMA 12 enclosures are standard equipment, not an expensive option. The MVC Plus Series starter is designed to start AC motors in any fixed speed application. It provides maximum protection with "True Thermal Modeling," while allowing smooth, stepless control of acceleration and deceleration. The MVC Plus Series guarantees power control and protection for your most important assets. Heavy-duty attitude highest rated power devices for maximum current carrying capacity. Rated at 500% for 60 seconds, the MVC4 Series starter will never be the limiting factor in your application. Powerful sustained gate pulse insures reliable SCR firing without reactors (unlike "wimpy" pulse train designs that require a reactor to prevent SCR and motor damage).

Motortronics Phase Controllers Distributors
Phase Controllers

Phasetronics Phase Controllers feature phase angle control to provide smooth proportional output power from 0 - 100%. Models are available with load current ratings ranging from 120 through 575Vac. These units are ideally suited for all resistive, inductive and lamp type loads. With a variety of standard pre-engineered options, they are the ideal choice for system designers, panel builders and end users.