ME2 Series

Motortronics ME2 Series is a compact AC drive that, depite its small size, has the features you need. With 150% overload capacity for one minute, the ME2 Series is fully rated and fully protected. Protection features include UL listed solid state overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, power loss ride-thru, stall prevention, short circuit, ground fault protection and heat sink overtemp sensing. Designed to perfom, the ME2 Series offers FWD and REV inputs, plus two multi-function inputs which can be programmed for job, emergency stop, reset and preset speed. A multi-function N.O. relay output contact is available for indicating fault, at speed/frequency or run. Even DC injection braking is standard in the ME2 Series. The ME2 Series takes up less panel space than other drives in its class and, with single phase power input as standard, wiring time is minimal. All of the wiring terminals are easily accessible without removing any covers, yet "finger safe" to meet IEC standards.