VCM Series

Motortronics VCM Series is a compact, cost-effective drive with features typically found only in more complex and expensive AC drives. This full featured sensorless vector drive is recognized for being simple to set up, program and operate. Available in ratings from 0.5 to 75HP, the VCM Series is ideally for nearly any application. Wiring the VCM Series drive to your motor is easy. Simply decide how you want to control it, how the field connections should be terminated and program the drive to suit your needs. The convenient operator panel provides simple, yet informative interface during setup and operation. The tactile feedback keypad is used for programming the drive and motor speed can be controlled using either the keypad or the handy, built-in potentiometer. The alphanumeric display indicates operation, status and fault read-out and is easily visibile in low ambient light conditions. In addition, LED indicators provide direction of rotation, operating status and drive output information. An optional two-line LCD display is available.