Ground Fault Sensors

Detecting ground fault conditions and protecting sensitive equipment or personnel from harm are where NK Technologies AG Series sensors can help. A compact design eliminates two-piece solutions while options include factory-set or field adjustable trip point; N.O. or N.C. latching or auto-reset relays, 24/120/240V power supply and noise immunity. N.O./N.C. solid-state switch or mechanical relay outputs & field-selectable 5 mA, 10 mA or 30 mA setpoints. Noise immunity option for EMI/RFI sensitive environments & UL, CE approved.

NK Technologies AGLD Ground Fault Sensors Distributors
AGLD Series

NK Technologies AGLD Series Ground Fault Sensors keep machinery and their operators safe from accidental shocks. The large, one piece solid-core design allows for installation over wires feeding heavy loads. The output relay will change state at any point between 5 mA and 100 mA, or 80mA and 950 mA. A delay can be set to allow down stream protection to activate before this sensor, keeping the main circuit protection hot and the equipment energized while the smaller faults are cleared. The large LED display shows the precise trip point and the extra delay clearly, in any light condition. The display flashes when there is current sensed over the trip point.

NK Technologies AGL Ground Fault Sensors Distributors
AGL Series

NK Technologies AGL Series are large aperture ground fault relays that offer one of the largest aperture diameters in the industry while maintaining a compact overall profile. Intended for sensing earth leakage in applications up to 300 A, the AGL Series Large Aperture Ground Fault Relays offer a choice of N.O. or N.C. latching relays or an SPDT Form C relay with auto-reset. Enclosure features integral DIN rail mounting as standard and optional noise immunity coatings for applications in harsh EMI/RFI environments.

NK Technologies AG Ground Fault Sensors Distributors
AG Series

NK Technologies AG Series Ground Fault Detector helps protect people, products, and processes from damage by ground fault conditions by monitoring all current-carrying conductors in grounded single- and three-phase delta or wye systems.

NK Technologies AGT Ground Fault Sensors Distributors
AGT Series

NK Technologies AGT Series Ground Fault Indicator combine a current transformer and a True RMS signal conditioner into a single package. The AGT Series Ground Fault Indicator are designed to produce an analog 4-20 mA signal proportional to earth or ground fault current. Available in a solid-core case. When connected to a controller or data logger, NEC requirements for alarm can be met.