Panasonic offers varities of Timers, Time Switches, Counters, Hour Meters, Solenoids, Temperature Controllers and Limit Switches. For Eco Series Hour Meters and Counters, please refer to Energy Visuallization Components page.

Panasonic Electronic Counters Distributors

Affordable Panasonic counters with an easy-to-operate front control panel and a backlight that provides superior visibility. The wide variety includes total counters and preset counters.

Panasonic Hour Meters Distributors
Hour Meters

Highly reliable count up/down Panasonic hour meters. The wide variety of product types includes the high performance, small synchronous motor, and half-size quartz oscillation types.

Panasonic Limit Switches Distributors
Limit Switches

Panasonic limit switches are marked by their compact design, high performance, long life and quick mounting as a result of simplified wiring. This qualifies these products to be used in demanding applications such as conveyor systems. Space-saving compact horizontal/vertical limit switches. Long-life and highly reliable. Compliant with overseas standards.

Panasonic Temperature Controllers Distributors
Temperature Controllers

Easy-to-operate high-precision, affordable Panasonic temperature controllers. All models have multiple input capabilities and support any type of sensor. The short body type (KT4H) is also popular.

Panasonic Digital & Analog Timers Distributors

The wide variety of Panasonic timer product types includes affordable digital timers and multifunctional compact analog timers, featuring high visibility, precision, and reliability.