Panasonic LC4H-S counters is popular for their bright and easy-to-read indications, and simple operation. A pre-scalling function enables coversion of lenghts and volumes to any desired values, and displays the results. A brand new bright 2-color backlight LCD display. The easy-to-read screen in any location makes checking and setting procedures a cinch. Operation modes (input/output modes) can be set easily, using DIP switches on the side panel. Values can be set easily, using key switches on the front panel. A pre-scaling function enables conversion of lengths and volumes to any desired values, and displays the results. An internal power supply drives a 12 VDC, 100 mA high-capacitance sensor. (AC power supply types only) Photoelectric switches, proximity switches and encoders can be directly connected. Dual-path AC sensor can be connected. Basic insulation between the power supply and the input terminal (only for the sensor type model with power supply). Conforms to IP66's Weather Resistant Standards. Two sizes of displays are offered for you to choose the one that suits your needs. The two terminal types are standard options to support either front panel installation or embedded installation. All this at an affordable price to provide you with unmatched cost performance.