Panasonic QL AZ4 is high accuracy type with excellent environmental resistance. Support use in combination with an LED lamp socket. Subminiature design. With appropriate O.T. range display. O.P. accuracy of ±0.2 ( O.P. repeated accuracy initially ±0.03 ) achieved. A subminiature limit switch with a great stroke margin (O.T./T.T.). Long life (mechanical life of minimum 107 times and a long electrical life of min. 3 x 105 times). A mechanism with excellent environment proofing. It has a well-built switch that is made of zinc die-cast-body and reinforced plastic head. It can sense light touch for easy operation and provides simple wiring due to the same terminal screw wiring method as the VL mini light switch used. This limit switch also controls the level of conducting water. Furthermore, it performs with a highly accurate position detection and sensitive adjustment function. Its cover consists of dust-proof and drip-proof capabilities. Also, it has a blinking light-emitting diode appropriate for any operation.