Panasonic HL AZH1/AZH2 is excellent in environmental resistance. There's a variety of types ranging from die cast case types to affordable resin case types. Plastic case and Die casting case type. Superior environmental resistance (Die casting case type). Standardized connector type. Lineup includes bifucated (twin contact) type as well as standard load type. Economical plastic case type. These limit switches also offer options between either standard load type (5 A, 250 VAC) and a bifurcated, gold-plated twin contact type (0.1 A, 30 VDC). All models in the range features standardized wiring and connectors, allowing for simple installation and maintenance. Both the plastic case and die cast case types have a rating of IP64, and a UL/CSA certification. The die cast type of limit switch has an IEC IP67 due to the model's quality sealing features.