ATB Series

There are 24-hour and weekly type Panasonic ATB series time switches. Either flush mounting or direct mounting is available. The wide variety includes a power-failure compensation type. Panasonic A-TB72/72Q DIN 72 size, 21.7-mm deep control panel time controllers. A DIN rail direct mount type is also available. Compliant with CE marking standards. DIN72 size depth in the box 21.7 mm / 0.854 in smart time switch (Flush mounting type). One-touch installation. Can also be installed by screws (Surface mounting type / DIN rail mounting type). Easy to read directly readable clock. No worry of loss thanks to internal setting elements. Load can be turned on and off every 15 minutes with the 96 setting elements. Equipped with ON color dial. The set time can be seen at a glance. Compatible with AC power supplies (quartz power failure compensation type). Power failure compensation using secondary battery.