Panasonic LT4H-W is a digital timer popular for their bright and easy-to-read indications, wide time range, simple operation, and affordable price. The operation time range covers from 0.01 sec. to 999 hours. The individual setting can be performed on each of 1 and 2 timers. A brand new bright 2-color back light LCD display. The easy-to-read screen in any location makes checking and setting procedures a cinch. Seesaw buttons make operating the unit even easier than before. With a short body, it is easy to install in even narrow control panels. Conforms to IP66's Weather Resistant Standards. The water-proof panel keeps out water and dirt for reliable operation even in poor environments. The two terminal types are standard options to support either front panel installation or embedded installation. Also offers a black panel cover to meet your design considerations. All this at an affordable price to provide you with unmatched cost performance.