Even if Panasonic DLL main unit is remotely located, it is possible to complete the setup of registered devices and conditions on a PC. Setting data created on a PC can be transferred via the USB port. If the DLL is connected to a LAN, the data can also be transferred via the LAN port. Therefore, settings can be changed efficiently and smoothly either in standalone mode or as a component of a system. Featuring the USB port, SD/SDHC card slot, and universal AC power supply, DLL can be easily installed with a reduction in required wiring, enhancing the convenience and cost effectiveness. DLL is equipped with a slot for SD/SDHC cards, which are today's mainstream media. Equipped with a built-in RS232C/RS485 interface. The power supply is compatible with 100 to 240 V AC. Also equipped with a 24 V DC, 0.2 A external service power supply for connection with other equipment.