Panasonic EnerVisualizeR digital signage software enables your company to intuitively share common understanding on your energy usage, which helps you all unite to reduce energy consumption. Display of energy-saving status on "Digital Signage." Make the most of your data measured and collected. Perfect to intuitively share any information you want such as energy consumption, and work together to achieve the common goal. Shows the real-time data of factory operation. Displays graphs of your choice even as short as one second. Good analysis method of short-term operation status, which helps you cut down energy waste even further. Gives totals, averages, graphs and tables of collected raw data. Client-server network: Perfect not only to share data but also to individually create the graphs, tables, or customized reports. Saves your time to record the collected data. Gives you easy-to-understand reports regularly: daily, weekly, or monthly. Freely designable layout in a Microsoft®Excel® format.