As Panasonic GT03-E small-size touch panels have significantly improved their image quality, easy to read displays with sharp characters are no longer special features these days. Instead, programmable displays will evolve with maximum "user-friendliness" in various applications with PCs or other devices. Panasonic touch panels exchange and store data using SD memory card, data for many applications. The wide operating temperature range allows for use in various environments. (-20 to +55 ℃ -4 to +131 ℉ when horizontally installed or vertically installed in a portrait orientation) The two-layer front protection sheet deduces UV rays in two-stage. High waterproof performance allows for use in environments exposed to splashing water. The front panel has a protective structure rated IP67. High in brightness and contrast and anti-glare coating provides exceptional viewing characteristics. It is possible to modify PLC ladder programs as well as the GT screen programs by using an SD / SDHC memory card. SD / SDHC memory card enables everyone to easily modify programs.