Panasonic AC Servo Motors

The Panasonic MINAS Series is small, light, powerful, and speedy. Ideal for the applications below. Robots - A robot is required to operate stably despite arm posture and position, workload and other conditions changing from moment to moment. Panasonic MINAS family assures stable operation by suppressing effects of load to a minimum using "adaptive load control." Processing Machinery - With metal processing machines, it is very difficult to render mirror-like finishing on a polygonal body. The new MINAS models realize "3.2 kHz frequency response" to improve feedback responsiveness, thus enabling mirror surfacing without generating lines or streaks. Component Mounting Machines - The Panasonic MINAS family also shows its versatility when used with a component mounting machine where speed and positional accuracy are demanded. In addition to high frequency response, it can process accidental disturbances with the help of built-in "adaptive load control," thus maintaining high productivity.
Panasonic MINAS A4 AC Servo Motors Distributors
Panasonic MINAS-A4 Series with wide output range from 50W to 5kW, are the high speed, high functionality AC servo drivers and motors. Thanks to the adoption of a new powerful CPU, Panasonic A4 Series now realize velocity response frequency of 1kHz, and contribute to the development of a high-speed machine and drastic shortening of tact-time. Standard line-up includes full-closed control and auto-gain tuning function and the motors with 2500P/r incremental encoder and 17-bit absolute/incremental encoder. MINAS A4 Series have also improved the user-friendliness by offering a console (option) which enables you to monitor the rotational speed display, set up parameters, trial run (JOG running) and copy parameters. Panasonic A4 Series can support various applications and their requirement by featuring automated gain tuning function, damping control which achieves a stable "Stop Performance" even in low-stiffness machine and high speed motor. This page is designed for the customer to exploit the versatile functions of MINAS A4 Series to full extent.
Panasonic MINAS A5 AC Servo Motors Distributors
The AC Servo Motor & Driver, Panasonic MINAS A5 series is the latest servo system that meets all demands from a variety of machines which require high speed, high precision and high performance or which require simplified settings. Compared with the preceding Panasonic A4 series, product of Panasonic A5 series offers superior performance while requiring simple setup and adjustment by the user. Newly designed motors have wide range of outputs from 50 W to 15.0 kW, associated with 20-bit incremental encoder and reduced cogging torque. (Only for position control type have range of outputs from 50 W to 5.0 kW.) They are compatible with 2 closed controls (serial communication type and A-/B-phase output type) and provided with various automatic adjusting functions such as real time auto tuning with many automatic setting parameters to make complex tuning easy. (Only for position control type do not conform to full-closed control.) In addition to the functions of MINAS A5 series, Panasonic MINAS A5Ⅱ series adopted two-degree-of-freedom control system which enables faster and more precise adjustment. It also supports the new feature “fit gain” function of PANATERM, which provides an automatic gain adjustment in a simple and short time. These motors assure higher stability with low stiffness machine and high-speed, high accurate operation with high stiffness machine. They can be used in combination with a wide variety of machines. This page is written as a complete guide for you so that you can fully and correctly make use of all functions available from MINAS A5.
Panasonic MINAS A6 AC Servo Motors Distributors

Panasonic MINAS A6 series AC Servo Motor & Drivers are the brand new servo system that fulfills all requirements from various types of machines such as high-speed, highprecision, high performance and easy setup and adjustment. Accomplishing an overwhelming performance improvement over traditional MINAS A5 series, it comes standard equipped with the feature of 2-DOF (Two-degree-of-freedom) control scheme which became popular in Panasonic A5Ⅱ series. Also by further possible easy setup and adjustment, anyone can feel the high-performance of this new product. Newly designed products have wide range of outputs from 50 W to 5.0 kW, equipped with high-resolution 23-bit Absolute encoder; it makes possible more accurate positioning and mechanical drive. In addition, the “FIT gain” function of PANATERM which was available only at MINAS A5Ⅱ series will become available in all models of Panasonic A6 series. Moreover, auto adjustment function makes possible high-speed and high-precision adjustment more easily and in a signiticantly reduced short period of time. Besides, we have ensured the compatibility betweetn Panasonic A5 series and Panasonic A6 series. Four control modes (Position, Speed, Torque and Full-closed) used in MINAS A5 series will be continuously equipped in MINAS A6 series and parameter specificatioins will be compatible as well. Furthermore, we have improved damping control, added extra one frequency selectable notch filter, and made it possible to control two damping filters during 2DOF. By simply replacing conventional model to Panasonic A6 series you can expect improved performance of your equipment. These products assure higher stablility at low-stiffness machines and high-precision and high-speed operation at high-stiffness machines. These products can correspond to wide range of machines. This manual is written as a guide for you so that can fully correctly make use of all functions and advantages of new MINAS A6 series. Yet, we have prepared standard type ,communication type and multi-function type of MINAS A6 series.This manual has been guiding based on featuers of multi-function type model. Please be aware that some specified features of the multi-function type might not be available in the standard type. When incremental data want to be used with traditional Panasonic A5 series, you can use Panasonic A6 series 23-bit Absolute encoder(multi-turn data is not be used).

Panasonic MINAS E AC Servo Motors Distributors
Panasonic MINAS-E series is a unit of an AC servo motor and driver with downsized capability and performance that are useful for positioning of a motor whose capacity is small from 50W to 400W. By adopting 2500 P/r incremental encoder with velocity response frequency of approximately 400 Hz and 5 wires, we could omit wiring. Panasonic equipment includes real-time auto tuning and enables automatic setting of complicated gain tuning. In addition, it has a damping control function that provides for stable stop performance and contributes to miniaturization of the equipment and reduction of tact time. Panasonic MINAS E supports a console (available as an option) capable of monitoring such as display of rotation speed, parameter setting, test run (JOG operation), parameter copying, etc., and pursues maximum ease for use. This page is designed for you to properly and sufficiently use functions of Panasonic MINAS-E series with such excellent features.