From the makers of the first SLIM FP0 PLC, Aromat NAiS is proud to introduce the industry's first panel mount PLC, Panasonic FP-e. This small (DIN 1/16 case) PLC has a built-in bright 3 color LED panel capable of displaying up to 5 digits along with predefined units. The function keys on the front panel can be used for setting timers, counters, temperature set points, internal bits, regular data points, and can also be used as 16 additional input switches. Up to 6 screens can be programmed, and with our new wizard feature added to our FPWINGR and FPWINPRO programming software, this is even easier. Monitoring the memory area data and I/O status facilitates debug using the R (register) and I (I/O monitor) display modes. The FP-e has same functionality as FP0 such as pulse output and high-speed counter functions. Other than a tool port, a unit is equipped with COM. port (RS232C/RS485) for communication. Timer/Counter/Temperature set values can be changed using front operation switches. The switches can also be used as input switches (X30 to X3F), which save the need for installing external switches.