Panasonic NA1-PK3 sensor protection brackets are now available (optional), to protect sensors from damage due to tools and other objects. The protection brackets have a black coating, which enhances the visual effectiveness of the job indicator. Ultra compact size: W24 x H70 x D8 mm W0.945 x H2.756 x D0.315 in. Can even be mounted within the small space constraints of parts containers. The ultra compact body incorporates a job indicator approx. 50 mm 1.969 in tall. Due to its brightness and high visibility, it is now possible to check sensor operation even from a distance. Synchronization wires are not required, due to the utilization of a synchronized scanning system that results in a reduction of wiring man-hours. In addition, the sensors can be switched among three different emission frequencies, allowing up to three sets of sensors to be installed closely together in the same vertical plane, without causing mutual interference. Even when installed in multistage shelving, malfunctions due to mutual interference will not occur. (When mounted horizontally, a maximum of two sensor sets may be used side-by-side, without interference.)