Narrow Beam

Panasonic narrow beam fiber is not easily affected by surrounding obstacles even in long distances. Using the FT-KV26H1, 105 ℃ 221 ℉ heat-resistant fiber can reduce the wafer cooling time compared with the previous model, 60 ℃ 140 ℉ heat-resistant fiber, and enables wafer conveyance in a high-temperature state, so it contributes to improve throughput. The FT-KS40, FT-KV40 and FT-KV26 produced until September 2014 are heat-resistant 60 ℃ 140 ℉. Realized laser-like aperture angle of 2℃. Use of the exclusive mounting bracket enables easy mounting without the need for grooving. The FT-KV40 and FT-KV40W are optimal for mounting on device-side mapping mechanism. The FR-KZ22E is a ultra-thin shape (fiber: 2 mm thick, reflector: 2.2 mm thick), it can be installed even on thin robot hands. Using the FR-KZ22E reduces wiring and robot hand processing, and secures strength because of the retroreflective type.