Small Spot

Sensing of minute objects can be performed by combining Panasonic fiber and spot lens. The spot diameter can also be changed. Products accommodate a variety of target objects with different shapes, colors, and surface characteristics. Since there is a large difference in the amount of light received in applications such as direction detection, it is easy to set a threshold that will allow stable detection. Additionally, these products offer an S/N ratio that is 1.3 times better than previous models. Spot diameters ranging from ø0.4 to ø3.5 mm ø0.016 to ø0.138 in can be achieved by combining the lens with a variety of fibers. Depending on the fiber with which it is used, this lens creates parallel light with a spot diameter of approximately ø4 mm ø0.157 in at a sensing range of 0 to 30 mm 0 to 1.181 in.