Install Panasonic EWA2 ultrasonic type air flow monitor on each compressor to monitor air leakage and provide an overall improvement of the compressor's operating efficiency. Reducing the power consumption of air compressors should be a key target of any energy savings plan. Since the ultrasonic sensor is adopted as a detection principle, elements such as filters are not required and air containing oil mist can also be measured. The sensor is stain resistant, and no maintenance is required. In addition to the compressed air, the capability to measure high-cost nitrogen gas is added. Air leakage from pipes can be detected and air supply capacity of the compressor can be optimized to reduce the wasted power. Data obtained at site can be transmitted to Data Logger Light (DLL). Detailed data management can be realized with ease. There are no obstructions within the measurement pipe due to the ultrasonic detection system, thus causing zero pressure losses.