When your application calls for the precision measurement of dimensions such as thickness, diameter, and height, Panasonic has the solution. Panasonic high-quality laser displacement, inductive displacement, and collimated beam sensors provide high-speed and accurate measurement solutions. Click the 'Learn More' link below to explore our entire offereing of measurement sensors.

Panasonic CC-Link IE Field Communication Unit Distributors

Panasonic communication unit for CC-Link IE Field / CC-Link connect fiber sensors and displacement sensors to CC-Link IE Field for high-speed control. Each SC-GU3 series unit can be connected with up to 16 sensors. Up to 12 units when the system is configured with FX-500 series / LS-501 unit. Setting of sensor threshold values and operation / confirmation of current values can be performed on the network. This eliminates the need to directly operating individual sensor units. The ON/OFF data of sensors can be centrally managed on the network. Should an abnormality occur, the problem cause can be easily identified and located. SC-E1 1-channel connector input extension unit or SC-E81 / SC-E82 8-channel connector input extension unit is also required. Use of the communication unit enables the connection of various Panasonic Industrial Device SUNX sensors to a CC-Link network for the real-time acquisition of digital data and ON/OFF data. This allows you to change sensor settings via the network and also log data for preventive maintenance purposes.

Panasonic Collimated Beam Sensors Distributors
Collimated Beam

Collimated light is light whose rays are parallel, and therefore will spread minimally as it propagates. The word is related to "collinear" and implies light that does not disperse with distance (ideally), or that will disperse minimally (in reality). A perfectly collimated beam, with no divergence, cannot be created due to diffraction. Light can be approximately collimated by a number of processes, for instance by means of a collimator. Perfectly collimated light is sometimes said to be focused at infinity. Thus as the distance from a point source increases, the spherical wavefronts become flatter and closer to plane waves, which are perfectly collimated.

Panasonic HG-S Digital Displacement Sensors Distributors
Contact Type

Panasonic HG-S sensor head can be changed safely without turning off the controller. This reduces the man-hours required for the change of line setup for processing of different workpieces, thus achieving a significant reduction of setup change time. Even if unexpected upward thrust occurs, the lower part of the spindle blocks the impact. Damage to the internal structure, including the glass scale, is minimized. The sensor head can be replaced without turning OFF the instrument power. A bending-resistant cable provides peace of mind even when the sensor is installed on a movable tool. Displacement is measured by reading a glass scale with a different slit pattern at each reading position using a high-resolution sensor. This eliminates "value skipping" even when measuring at high speed, and there is no concern of "unset zero point". The controller features the industry's first dual display and offers versatile functions and excellent ease of use. It allows simple and reliable operation of the advanced measurement function in a diversity of applications.

Panasonic Laser Displacement Sensors Distributors
Laser Displacement

In general, more accurate and stable measurements can be obtained by increasing the optical path length between the receptor and the light receiving element (CMOS), but this also increases the sensor depth and the sensor body gets bigger. Panasonic laser displacement sensors need speed, accuracy and the capability to provide excellent performance in any application. Displacement sensors measure the distance an object moves and they can also be used to measure object height and width. There are 2 types of displacement sensors: Contact types, utilizing a dial gage, differential transformer, etc., and non-contact types, utilizing a magnetic field, laser beam, ultra-sonic wave, etc.

Panasonic Magnetic Displacement Sensors Distributors
Magnetic Displacement

Panasonic magnetic position sensing using Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive (AMR) sensors is becoming a popular method of implementing a non-contacting location of motional objects. By affixing a magnet or sensor element to a angular or linear moving object with its complementary sensor or magnet stationary, the relative direction of the resulting magnetic field can be quantified electronically. By utilizing multiple sensors or magnets, the capability of extended angular or linear position measurements can be enhanced.

Panasonic GD Metal Sheet Double Feed Detection Sensors Distributors
Metal Sheet Double Feed

Panasonic high-end GD sensing technology detects double feeds of any metal sheet 0.01 mm 0.0004 in, or more, thick. Optimum sensitivity setting is easy by using the teaching function with actual samples. This is an extremely small sensor head, only ø3.8 x 15 mm ø0.150 x 0.591 in, suitable for detecting small components. It is suitable for high precision detection of double feeds of lead frames or thin metal sheets. It achieves a long sensing range of 70 mm 2.756 in. Further, it employs a robust metal case with IP67 protection to withstand harsh environment. The optimum sensing point can be confirmed at a glance as seven LEDs indicate the sensing level. Since sensitivities of eight channels can be stored, product changeover is smooth and easy. Select channel number by the "Channel shift key" on the operation panel or by using external channel select inputs. Further, since GD-C2 is equipped with RS-232C communication function, the sensitivity values can be stored in a personal computer, etc., and fed into the controller as per requirement. The two-sheet threshold level set by teaching can be shifted in nine steps to suit the detection conditions. This enables very stable detection.

Panasonic SC-HG1 Communication Units Distributors

Panasonic SC-HG1 direct transfer of high-precision measurement values. New Communication Unit for the HG-S Series! Direct connection to CC-Link. Program-less transmission of high-precision data. Batch change of internal settings via CC-Link. When connected to a communication unit for digital displacement sensor, up to 14 slave units can be connected per master unit. Transfers not only measurements results obtained at multiple points but also setting statuses as digital data in a batch! Provides powerful support to the management of inspection records and identification of failure causes.