The ultra-compact size and yet the high level of performance. Panasonic HL-T1 sensors save space. A high resolution of 4 µm 0.157 mil (at an average 64 cycles) allows high-precision positioning and size judgment. Long sensing range of 500 mm 19.685 in [HL-T1005A(F), HL-T1010A(F)] and 2 m 6.562 ft [HL-T1001A(F)] are available. The sensors are sensitive to minute differences in light intensity, so that they can judge even the opacity of glass. In addition, the amount of light received can be displayed as a percentage to allow you to determine permeation rates. The laser with a beam diameter of Ø1 mm Ø0.039 in can sense extremely small objects with dimensions in micrometers such as bonding wires. The adoption of a Class 1 laser (IEC / JIS) eliminates the need for safety countermeasures, so that these sensors can be used in photoelectric sensor applications with confidence. A wide range of convenient features has been incorporated into the unit's compact body: standard laser beam reception intensity setting / auto scaling setting / measurement processing (various timer and hold functions) / differentiation / monitor focus function. These features make the unit useful for a wide variety of applications.