Panasonic HL-C2 sensors achieve an excellent level of performance in the three basic functions which are required of reflective type laser displacement sensors. They can provide "Surplus", "Reliability" and "Confidence" to production sites which demand high speeds and high precision. The HDLC-CMOS sensors have been developed specially for the HL-C2 series. High density light-receiving cells and a processing speed which is close to maximum limits result in high resolutions and high speeds which exceed all expectations for laser displacement sensors. High-resolution lens has been newly designed to perfectly suit HDLC-CMOS sensors. The light receiving part can create images at a minimum point from light received from a variety of different angles to produce images with even greater precision. Exclusive optical equipment and diaphragm structure sustain laser beam of high quality at a radiant density that is close to ideal in the Gaussian distribution. Emission intensity adjustment function, using the newest algorithm, is able to follow any deviation of the light receiving intensity instantaneously maintaining the best emitting condition at all times.