Panasonic HL-D3 series is equipped with four sensing modes to cater to a variety of measurement needs, including in-line high-speed sensing and off-line high-precision detection. The displacement sensor senses up to 10 measurement points specified on the X axis (measurement range of width) and completes the judgment at super-high speed. The displacement sensor performs sensing of all target objects with the same sensitivity adjustment throughout the entire measurement range of width (X axis). This mode is suitable for the sensing of fast-moving objects. High-precision sensing is achieved by segmenting the measurement range of width (X axis) to optimize light intensity. This mode is suitable for the sensing of objects with varied glossiness or color. Sensing is performed at even intervals upon adjusting the sensitivity per the pitch specified along the measurement range of width (X axis). High-speed sensing is made possible by the reduced number of sensing points. The HL-D3 series calculates the shapes, including the height difference, width, and cross-sectional area, from the shape waveform based on the received light. At the same time, the displacement sensor uses these calculation results to instantaneously make Hi / Go / Lo judgments based on the present upper and lower limits.