With high resolution, 0.02 % F.S. (Note), they can perform high-accuracy measurements of microdisplacements. In particular, Panasonic sensor head GP-X3SE for 0.8 mm 0.049 in sensing can differentiate ultra microdisplacement of 0.32 μm 0.013 mil (Average number of samples: 64). The controller communication unit GP-XCOM (optional) can be linked to up to 8 controllers and load each controller settings and measurement data to a PC via just one RS-232C cable. It is possible to calculate addition and subtraction of measured data between two inter-connected controllers, as well as to perform 3-value judgment output according to the calculation results. Digital panel controllers are not required because the calculation function is incorporated. An intelligent monitor capable of setting each measurement conditions and monitoring waveform display. It can easily perform waveform monitoring, which could until now only be done by the oscilloscope, as well as loading and saving of settings for each condition and function onto a PC.