The complete line of self-contained and amplifier separated photoelectric sensor solutions from Panasonic are anything but basic. Panasonic offers some of the smallest photoelectric sensors in the world for unmatched simplicity and versatility. Advanced features are also available in our sensors such as background/foreground suppression which protect against unwanted detection.

Panasonic SU-7/SH Amplifier Separated Photoelectric Sensors Distributors
Amplifier Separated

A snap of the lever secures the connection of the sensor head cables on Panasonic SU-7 amplifier. It is no longer required to strip the wire insulation. Further, the exclusive stripper (accessory) can be used to easily peel off the sensor cable outer sheath. Anyone can carry out the optimum sensitivity setting by simply pressing two buttons. Installation space can be greatly reduced as the SU-7 amplifier is just 10 mm 0.394 in thick. (W10 x H31.5 x D67 mm W0.394 x H1.240 x D2.638 in) Since the sensor heads and the attached cables are covered by fluorine resin, SH-61R can be used in a harsh chemical environment. Moreover, it has a long sensing range of 2.5 m 8.202 ft. Discrimination between red / white, red / yellow or red / orange, which is difficult with the red LED type, is easy with SH-82G. An operation indicator, which enables easy checking of the operation at site, has been incorporated.

Panasonic LX-100 Color Mark Detection Sensors Distributors
Color Mark Detection

The 3 colors of the R, G & B LEDs are optimally selected according to the color combination. With Panasonic LX-100's Mark mode, the built-in "Automatic optimal LED selection function" automatically selects the LED for the largest contrast (S / N ratio) between the mark and base (non-mark area) to ensure optimal sensing. For more stable detection, the sensor makes selections according to the contrast and not according to the reflected light variation between the mark and base (non-mark area). This sensing mode automatically selects a single color from the 3 RGB LEDs to achieve an ultra quick 45 μs response time. The automatic optimal LED selection function automatically selects the LED that is most suitable for the sensing. This function is perfect for ultra quick sensing. The Color mode on the LX-100 series utilizes all 3 RGB LEDs to determine the RGB ratio of the mark color. The built-in 12-bit A/D converter enables high precision 1/4,000-resolution judgments. The figure below is a graphic description of this process.

Panasonic CX-400 Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Panasonic CX-400 series achieves reductions in power consumption of up to 60%, averaging 44% reduction when upgrading due to its unique design. These sensors reduce carbon emissions and contribute to environmental friendliness. Electricity consumed by the CX-400 series has been reduced on average 10.5 mA. The CX-400 has a high noise resistance then its previous model. By incorporating an inverter countermeasure circuit that appropriately shifts with peak wavelength, the sensor now resists high-frequency noise from high-voltage inverter motors and inverter lights more effectively. Strengthening the output circuit inverse polarity protection prevents sensor damage caused by mistaken output or power supply wiring. The lens material is made of a strong acrylic that resists the harmful effects of coolants. These sensors can be used with confidence even around metal processing machine that disperse oil mists. The protection mechanism also conforms to IP67 (IEC).

Panasonic CY-100 Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Panasonic CY-100 series cylindrical photoelectric sensors provides a low cost, basic sensing solution. With 80 different models available in diffuse reflective, thrubeam, and retro-reflective sensing configurations, the CY-100 is a perfect fit for your low-end sensing requirements. Standard and side view models are available along with cable and M12 quick connector options. The M18 thread of the CY-100 provides a simple and convenient mounting method. A universal mounting bracket is also available as well. he IP67 rating of the CY-100 provides protection against harsh environmental conditions. A built-in potentiometer is available on the diffuse reflective models as an option for controlling the detection sensitivity.

Panasonic EQ-30 Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

As Panasonic EQ-30 series is incorporated with a 2-segment photodiode as the receiving element with a unique circuitry, it detects an object at the same distance regardless of its color or the background beyond the adjusted sensing range. However, when the background is specular, it may be necessary to change the angle of the sensor. The EQ-30 series can detect an object 2 m 6.562 ft away. It is suitable for various applications, such as, sensing objects or positioning objects traveling on a wide assembly line, etc. The fixed-focus sensing keeps the detectability better than diffuse reflective type sensors even if the lens is contaminated by dirt, dust, mist, or smoke under an unclean environment. It features a mechanical 2-turn distance adjuster with an indicator that shows the set distance at a glance. It has IP67 protection. It can be used in places splashed with water.

Panasonic EQ-500 Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Because Panasonic EQ-500 adjustable range reflective photoelectric sensor doesn’t detect objects outside the preset sensing field by using the 2-segment photodiode adjustable range system, it will not malfunction even if someone walks behind the sensing object or machines or conveyors are in the background. The optical system has been optimized. Since the sensor is hardly influenced at all by angles or the gloss of objects compared to the previous model, it is possible to detect both white objects and black objects at almost a constant distance. Equipped with a 2-turn adjuster with indicator, making it easy to set for short or long distances. Panasonic has added a DC-voltage type with NPN and PNP transistor outputs all in one sensor. Its BGS / FGS function controls any background effects for more stable sensing.

Panasonic EX-10 Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Panasonic EX-10 ultra-slim photoelectric sensor can be mounted in a very small space as its size is just W10 x H14.5 x D3.5 mm W0.394 x H0.571 x D0.138 in (thru-beam, front sensing type). The diffuse reflective type sensor is front sensing and is so thin that it gives an impression of being just pasted on the mounting base. The thru-beam type is available as front sensing type, as well as, side sensing type, allowing flexible mounting. The EX-10 series achieves reductions in power consumption of up to 65 %. These sensors contribute to environmental friendliness. The sensor is suitable for detecting small and high-speed traveling objects. EX-11*, EX-11E*, EX-15 and EX-15E are incorporated with ø1 mm ø0.039 in slit masks so that ø1 mm ø0.039 in, or more, object can be detected. Hence, they are suitable for precise positioning or small parts detection.

Panasonic EX-10S Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

With about half the light diffusion of previous models, Panasonic EX-10S narrow-beam models can be placed twice as closely together-without the added cost of purchasing and installing slits. With about half the light diffusion of previous models, narrow-beam models can detect minute objects with a diameter of just 0.5 mm (0.020 in), without slits. These models provide a reasonably-priced solution for applications requiring detection of minute objects. Narrow-beam models deliver long-range sensing at 1 m 3.281ft.

Panasonic EX-20 Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Panasonic EX-20 ultra-compact Photoelectric Sensor beam-receiving photodiode and the A/D conversion circuit have been fabricated on a single chip optical IC (full custom). Hence, in spite of its miniature size, it has a performance and reliability which is equal to or better than the conventional product. The sensor incorporates a sensitivity adjuster in spite of its miniature size. It is convenient when you need fine adjustment. Further, the receiver of the thru-beam, side sensing type sensor incorporates an operation mode switch which can change the output operation. The EX-20 series achieves long distance sensing [thru-beam type: 2 m 6.562 ft, retroreflective type: 200 mm 7.874 in (when using the attached reflector), diffuse reflective type: 160 mm 6.299 in], despite its miniature size. Hence, it is usable even on a wide conveyor.

Panasonic EX-30 Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Panasonic EX-30 series achieves reductions in power consumption of up to 65 %. These sensors contribute to environmental friendliness. All you need to do is to make a ø4 mm ø0.157 in hole where you would like to stop or check the object (ø6 mm ø0.236 in hole for reflective type). Furthermore, the center of the sensing axis is the same as the center of the mounting hole, which makes it much easier to set the sensing position. The EX-30 series achieves long distance sensing. The same high response speed of 0.5 ms as fiber sensor amplifiers is provided, making these sensors ideal for sensing small objects, counting objects that are moving quickly and positioning items such as circuit boards. The EX-30 series can be screwmounted (M4 for thrubeam type, M6 for reflective type) in the same way as standard fiber sensors. This means that they can be inserted into production lines in exactly the same way as conventional high-priced fiber sensors.

Panasonic EX-40 Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Due to convergent distance sensing, the color or material of the object has almost no effect. Further, the background also has very little effect, enabling stable sensing. The spot-beam type Panasonic EX-43T sensor is incorporated with an OFF-delay timer. The variable OFF-delay timer is useful for detecting a printed circuit board regardless of small holes, cutouts, or electronic parts on it. Even in a limited sensing area, the sensor is not affected by small perforations or unevenness. It is suitable for presence detection.

Panasonic EX-Z Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Panasonic EX-Z ultra-minute photoelectric sensor, the world's thinnest sensor dimension of 3 mm 0.118 in has been achieved by utilizing new semiconductor packaging technology that does not use wire bonding. The small unit size allows installation of sensors in a narrow space where only a conventional fiber sensor head could be installed before. The built-in amplifier also saves on installation space. A slit is provided on the front side of the main sensor body. The sensor can detect a ø0.3 mm ø0.012 in object (the smallest-object sensing capability in the industry) without using an optional slit. The high-brightness 4-element red LED provides strong light emission stably over a long period of time. In spite of the extremely small size, both front sensing and side sensing units can sense a small ø1.0 mm ø0.039 in object from a long distance of 500 mm 19.685 in. Since the spotlight is clearly visible, the sensing position can be easily confirmed.

Panasonic HD-T1 Wafer Alignment Sensor Controllers Distributors

Panasonic HD-T1 series has a maximum current consumption of only 70 mA, for both the sensor head and the controller. The current consumption is almost as low as that of photoelectric sensors. Although the HD-T1 series uses a red LED for its light source, it has the same high level of performance as laser sensors, thus enabling high precision detection. As both the receiver and the emitter are integrated into a single unit, there is no need to perform any troublesome alignment of the beam axis. In addition, as the HD-T1 series can perform its detection function over a broad area - with both a sensing range and a sensing width of 30 mm 1.181 in, this unit can be utilized for sensing wafers of many different sizes. As a safe red LED is used as the light source, there is no need for time-consuming safety measures. The protective covers usually required when using laser beams are not needed, and FDA approval is not required in order to use this sensor in the US. This unit is equipped with a one-touch connector to connect the sensor head to the controller. The amount of wiring is therefore minimized, resulting in easy maintenance.

Panasonic Laser Sensors Distributors

Compared to sensors that use LED light, Panasonic laser sensors offer many decisive advantages. Due to its very nature, the laser beam ends in a point of light on the objects being sensed that is much smaller than that of LED sensors. This yields markedly higher accuracy, allowing machines to work more precisely and at higher speeds. Moreover, the comparatively "high energy" laser beam exhibits greater illuminance, which in turn improves sensing. In short, this means sensing that is more "precise" and more "reliable". Laser sensors offer a long sensing range and precision that can not be matched with LED based solutions. Panasonic laser amplifiers contain the same high-speed response and built-in features that can be found in the high end fiber optic amplifiers, so you are ensured the highest quality sensing available.

Panasonic EX-70/EX-F60 Liquid Leak Detection Sensors Distributors
Liquid Leak Detection

Panasonic EX-F70 sensor is equipped with a NORMAL indicator (green) which lights up when mounting correctly, and a FAULT indicator (red) which lights up when sensing the leaked liquid or when mounted incorrectly (forgetting to mount exclusive mounting bracket). So, the operation can be checked easily. Panasonic EX-F60 sensor enclosure and the cable sheath are made from PFA which is highly resistant to chemicals. Accurate sensing is achieved even if there are leaks of chemicals such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid or ammonia. The unique effect of capillarity enables reliable detection of small leaks and viscous liquids. When a leak occurs, the beam from the beam-emitting part scatters through the leaked liquid and is not transmitted to the beam-receiving part. This slim (10 mm 0.394 in) side-mounting sensor is especially good for use in confined spaces. No need for sensitivity adjustment with adjuster, so initial mounting is easy. If the sensor is not mounted correctly, if the cable is broken or disconnected, or if the sensor is not operating correctly, the output is the same as when the beam is not received (LEAK). Design deals with human errors such as, forgetting to mount, etc.

Panasonic EX-F1 Liquid Level Detection Sensors Distributors
Liquid Level Detection

Panasonic EX-F1 amplifier built-in sensor saves space as there is no need to install a separate amplifier. Just attach it on a pipe with the tying bands. The position can be easily changed with the release lever even after mounting, so that there is no need to cut the tying bands. Panasonic EX-F1 is very cost-effective. The operation can be checked at a glance from different directions. Either Light-ON or Dark-ON can be selected by a switch. This is useful to check the operation during installation because it forces the output to be turned ON or OFF even without the liquid being inside the pipe.

Panasonic M-DW1 Wafer Mapping Sensors Distributors

Conventional laser mapping sensor that adopts laser beam has been dangerous because an operator is exposed directly to laser beam, which comes out of the load port through FOUP. Panasonic has succeeded in developing LED to adopt as light source for M-DW1. Therefore an operator's safety is ensured. Nitride-coated wafers absorb light at certain wavelengths depending on the coating thickness. If the sensor uses the laser beam having a single wavelength, the beam may be absorbed completely, resulting in wafer detection error. The M-DW1 uses a LED light source with a wide wavelength band that allows to detect nitride-coated wafers successfully. The sensor responds in 0.5 ms, meeting the requirements of both high speed and high accuracy in wafer detection. The M-DW1, which detects wafers not by the light amount but by the light position, can detect the glass wafers regardless of the light amount.

Panasonic MQ-W Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Panasonic MQ-W adjustable range reflective type sensor can detect white or black object at the same distance. Therefore, the sensor can even detect individual objects that are mixed with black objects or objects of various colors that were hard for the diffuse reflective type sensor to detect. Adjustable range reflective type sensor dose not detect objects beyond the set range. For this reason, malfunction does not occur even if there are moving machines or people passing by in the background. Adjustable range reflective type sensor detects the distance by the angle, not by the light receiving intensity. Even if the lens surface is soiled by dust or any powdery material, there is little variation of sensing range. In addition, the sensor stably detects approaching objects at a fixed distance because the distance is sensed by the angle of received light.

Panasonic PX-2 Obstacle Detection Sensors Distributors
Obstacle Sensing

The advanced optical system of Panasonic PX-2 series reduces the dead zones in front of an automatic guided vehicle (AGV). The dead zones at the sides are further minimized if auxiliary sensors which can be easily mounted with connectors are used. Sensing areas can be selected with switches to suit the route conditions of an AGV. Further, in case of PX-24ES and PX-23ES, the sensing areas can also be selected with external signals. Its size is half of a conventional model, and the attached cable orientation is freely adjustable. Hence, it can also fit in a small AGV. Moreover, sensitivity adjustment can be done on the front face. Panasonic PX-26 has a long sensing range of 5 m 16.404 ft. Even on a high-speed AGV, it can detect an object quite early so that slowing down and stopping are smooth. The sensor can be put into the sleep (stand-by) condition when it is not used and can be restored to operating condition by an external signal. Consequently battery is conserved as the power consumption is reduced to 1/5. One PX-2 sensor can simultaneously receive beams from 25 Nos. of other PX-2 sensors without resulting in any interference. Even if AGVs are facing each other, the PX-2 sensor on one AGV reliably detects the other AGVs. Hence, it can be safely used even at a place where several AGVs are moving.

Panasonic NX5 Power Supply Built in Photoelectric Sensors Distributors
Power Supply Built in

Panasonic NX5 series can operate at 24 to 240 V AC or 12 to 240 V DC, which makes it suitable for supply voltages around the world. Despite of being multi-voltage, it has a depth of just 35 mm 1.378 in. (W18 x H62 x D35 mm W0.709 x H2.441 x D1.378 in) It is most suitable for conveyor lines and parking lot applications. It has an IP66 protection. Moderate dust or water splashes will not affect the sensor. The hermetically sealed output relay significantly increases its reliability. The 10 m 32.808 ft thru-beam type sensor and the 5 m 16.404 ft retroreflective type sensor incorporate a red LED beam source. Beam alignment can be attained by checking the emitted beam visually. Two sensors can operate normally even if mounted close together. (Excluding the 30 m 98.425 ft thru-beam type sensor)

Panasonic RT-610 Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

There are two Panasonic RT-610 u-shaped photoelectric sensor models having a sensing range of 10 mm 0.394 in, and 50 mm 1.969 in. The models with sensing ranges of 10 mm 0.394 in are also available in red LED type and green LED type for mark sensing. Beam axis alignment is not required as the emitter and the receiver are integrated in a single body. The robust die-cast enclosure maintains high reliability.

Panasonic RX Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Two Panasonic RX robust photoelectric sensors can be mounted side by side because of the automatic interference prevention function. Convenient for operation check before start-up. An additional power supply for the sensor is not required. This sensor can be used in a harsh environment. Wiring can be completed by using only two, instead of three wires. The enclosure is robust as it is made of die-cast zinc alloy.

Panasonic RX-LS200 Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Panasonic RX-LS200 adjustable Range Reflective Photoelectric Sensor does not detect the background beyond the set distance since it is of distance adjustable type. The color or size of the object does not affect its sensing performance. Its robust enclosure is made of die-cast zinc alloy. The equipment on which the sensor is mounted can be washed without any problem. The sensing performance is less affected by dust as it does not depend on the incident light intensity. It can be used on a high speed assembly line. The sensing range for which the sensor detects an object is determined by the incident beam angle, regardless of the incident light intensity.

Panasonic Wafer Detection Photoelectric Sensors Distributors
Wafer Detection

With Panasonic solutions, automating semiconductor processes has never been easier. Panasonic wafer mapping sensors offer the quickest and most reliable off-the-shelf wafer detection. When it comes to wafer detection, our off-the-shelf mapping sensors surpass through-beam technology in ease of application and safe, maintenance free operation. Panasonic wafer mapping sensors have the detection sensitivity necessary to detect dark and/or thin wafers. Panasonic wafer mappings sensors provide the best technology for the detection of semiconductor wafers. They easily detect thin and dark coated wafers of any size and have no moving parts to keep aligned and/or result in particulate contamination. Advanced optical technology delivers consistent apparent wafer thickness resulting in performance previously only thought possible with through-beam sensors.

Panasonic EZ-10 Water Detection Sensors Distributors
Water Detection

Panasonic EZ-10 sensor can be hosed down because of its IP67 construction and the non-corrosive stainless steel sensor mounting bracket. As the penetrating power is strong, its beam can pass through not only translucent containers (PFA tanks, etc.) but also opaque containers of shampoo bottles, etc., and the sensor can reliably detect the liquid inside. It is possible to set its sensitivity adjuster so that water drops, bubbles in the water, or froth on the water surface are not detected. Several sensors can be mounted adjacently by fitting optional slit masks. Further, they can detect the liquid level accurately. Plug-in connector type which enables connection / disconnection of the cable by one-touch is available. Anyone can easily replace the sensor in a minute. Light-ON or Dark-ON operation can be selected. The output operation can be changed easily.