Amplifier Separated

A snap of the lever secures the connection of the sensor head cables on Panasonic SU-7 amplifier. It is no longer required to strip the wire insulation. Further, the exclusive stripper (accessory) can be used to easily peel off the sensor cable outer sheath. Anyone can carry out the optimum sensitivity setting by simply pressing two buttons. Installation space can be greatly reduced as the SU-7 amplifier is just 10 mm 0.394 in thick. (W10 x H31.5 x D67 mm W0.394 x H1.240 x D2.638 in) Since the sensor heads and the attached cables are covered by fluorine resin, SH-61R can be used in a harsh chemical environment. Moreover, it has a long sensing range of 2.5 m 8.202 ft. Discrimination between red / white, red / yellow or red / orange, which is difficult with the red LED type, is easy with SH-82G. An operation indicator, which enables easy checking of the operation at site, has been incorporated.

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