Panasonic CX-400 series achieves reductions in power consumption of up to 60%, averaging 44% reduction when upgrading due to its unique design. These sensors reduce carbon emissions and contribute to environmental friendliness. Electricity consumed by the CX-400 series has been reduced on average 10.5 mA. The CX-400 has a high noise resistance then its previous model. By incorporating an inverter countermeasure circuit that appropriately shifts with peak wavelength, the sensor now resists high-frequency noise from high-voltage inverter motors and inverter lights more effectively. Strengthening the output circuit inverse polarity protection prevents sensor damage caused by mistaken output or power supply wiring. The lens material is made of a strong acrylic that resists the harmful effects of coolants. These sensors can be used with confidence even around metal processing machine that disperse oil mists. The protection mechanism also conforms to IP67 (IEC).

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