As Panasonic EQ-30 series is incorporated with a 2-segment photodiode as the receiving element with a unique circuitry, it detects an object at the same distance regardless of its color or the background beyond the adjusted sensing range. However, when the background is specular, it may be necessary to change the angle of the sensor. The EQ-30 series can detect an object 2 m 6.562 ft away. It is suitable for various applications, such as, sensing objects or positioning objects traveling on a wide assembly line, etc. The fixed-focus sensing keeps the detectability better than diffuse reflective type sensors even if the lens is contaminated by dirt, dust, mist, or smoke under an unclean environment. It features a mechanical 2-turn distance adjuster with an indicator that shows the set distance at a glance. It has IP67 protection. It can be used in places splashed with water.

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