Panasonic EX-10 ultra-slim photoelectric sensor can be mounted in a very small space as its size is just W10 x H14.5 x D3.5 mm W0.394 x H0.571 x D0.138 in (thru-beam, front sensing type). The diffuse reflective type sensor is front sensing and is so thin that it gives an impression of being just pasted on the mounting base. The thru-beam type is available as front sensing type, as well as, side sensing type, allowing flexible mounting. The EX-10 series achieves reductions in power consumption of up to 65 %. These sensors contribute to environmental friendliness. The sensor is suitable for detecting small and high-speed traveling objects. EX-11*, EX-11E*, EX-15 and EX-15E are incorporated with ø1 mm ø0.039 in slit masks so that ø1 mm ø0.039 in, or more, object can be detected. Hence, they are suitable for precise positioning or small parts detection.

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